Car towing part of the Enchanted Forest The
Castle being built as part of the Enchanted Forest fairy tale
Putting new sign into place for the Enchanted Forest begins!
  • Enchanted Forest Sign
  • Enchanted Forest Castle
  • Enchanted Forest Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe
  • Enchanted Forest House
  • Enchanted Forest Crooked House
See for yourself!

The Fairy Tale Story of how the wonderful attractions from the Enchanted Forest were moved to our farm ...

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful storybook park in Ellicott City, Maryland called The Enchanted Forest. Opened in August 1955, it thrilled and delighted generations of families from far and wide throughout the next 30 years. The Harrison family created this magical land to delight children of all ages and it was an important part of many families' lives for years. The imagination of the creators and the people who ran the park throughout the years made an indelible impression on generations of families. Sadly, it closed to the public in the early 1990s, leaving a void for all of us.

  • Enchanted Forest Story
  • Enchanted Forest Story
  • Enchanted Forest Story
  • Enchanted Forest Story
  • Enchanted Forest Story
  • Enchanted Forest Story
  • Enchanted Forest Story
  • Enchanted Forest Story
  • Enchanted Forest Story
  • Enchanted Forest Story

Without a lot of help this would never have happened!

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For more information about the Enchanted Forest:

  1. See our gallery of Enchanted Forest photos, showing the Enchanted Forest structures and their move and restoration since 2004.
  2. "The Enchanted Forest: Memories of Maryland's Storybook Park" by Janet Kusterer and Martha Anne Clark,
    The History Press, 2013. This book, written by two local authors, provides a history of the Park
    with input from the Harrision family and former Enchanted Forest employees and visitors.
    It is available for sale at the Castle Store at Clark's Elioak Farm, at our online store, at the
    the Howard County Historical Society and the Howard County Welcome Center (both in Ellicott
    City), as well as and local bookstores.
  3. A website featuring the Enchanted Forest:
  4. A Facebook group can be found here featuring the Enchanted Forest: The Enchanted Forest Behind the Scenes