Clark's Farm is part of the farming operation of the Clark family, which is proud to be entering it's 226th year of farming in Howard County (and Anne Arundel County before Howard County was a separate county). Over those years we have raised crops and a variety of animals and run a dairy operation, but the main link between the seven generations of farmers in our branch of the Clark family has been raising beef cattle.

Having inherited the core of Jim Clark's beef cattle herd, Martha and Nora, (the sixth and seventh generation), developed the cattle as a 100% grassfed and finished herd beginning in 2006. We suspended the sale of our beef and pork in 2021, while we focus on other farming priorities. We have kept a core of the herd, so hope to begin beef sales again in the future. In the meantime, we have expanded our vegetable operation to year-round production. You can purchase our fresh, delicious vegetables and herbs through our CSAs, at our Castle Store and online. We have welcomed Nora's husband, JR Vese, who is working with us to make the farm a productive and successful place. We also welcome the 8th generation of Clarks into the world, with Nora and JR's son, James and Nathan and Rosie's daughter, Lilit.

The Clark Family in Howard County

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